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Today's technologies has changed our lifestyle.  We are very concerned about the way it has rapidly changed the way we network and has made society advance so  quickly. This is why our product is an investment that will protect the ones that are most important to you. To a healthier future. Shield for life. 

Radiation for beginners

Let’s get a quick understanding of radiation. It surrounds us all the time. It's in the air, the ground, and our homes.

In recent years, people have learned to fear the effects of radiation. We've seen it in movies, on the news, via word of mouth and now we are becoming more aware of it through online social media.

We are becoming more concerned about reports which have found links between too much excess exposure to sunlight and skin cancer; the leakage of radiation from microwave ovens, and the radiation produced by our television sets. Let us not forget the invention of WI-FI routers, Cell phones, and cell phone towers that we (and our little ones) are exposed to every day.

So what exactly is radiation? 

Radiation derives from electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are created by electric and magnetic field waves that travel all around us. Radiation cannot be seen nor heard in our daily routine of life.

Does it have any biological effects on us?

To understand the biological effects of radiation, we must first understand that radiation is categorized into 2 properties: Ionizing radiation (which is known to be very dangerous to humans and which are high-energy radiation forms such as radioactive materials, cosmic rays, and X-rays). And then you have the Non-ionizing radiation (which is invisible radio frequency signal waves "RF signals,"  or microwaves, that surround us every day, such as your Wi-Fi routers and smartphones.)

Many public health organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization), Environmental health trust and the European Commission Public Health Organization, are taking into account the danger of EMF and RF radiation around children and moms.

What can you do to help protect yourself from it?

Using our products will help reduce the amount of non-ionized radiation you are exposed to every day, as more advanced technologies are coming out by the day.

Remember, the effects of exposure to radiation might not appear for months or years or even decades. But with the right protective gear and adopting a daily habit of switching off your devices, you will experience a healthier future.

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