How It works!

  • Protecting us from RF Signals. 

All of our products are combined with a special fabric called "Silver Elastic".

This fabric lined within all the products shields 99.9 % of any non-ionized radiation signals penetrating through us everyday.

If we don't follow the guide lines by switching off our RF devices or ignoring the use of wearing any product with a Silver Elastic protection, might cause health discomforts for the future, especially to the children and pregnant moms. 

An illustration below (copyright http:// shows the effect of mobile phones, which is why its important for a parent or an adult to control the use of mobiles on children.

Another illustration below (copyright demonstrate the difference between a "non-ionizing radiation" and "ionizing radiation" and the danger involved.

ionizing and non ionizing

With the use of our products, Silver Elastic shields 99.9% effectiveness of any "non-ionizing" RF radiation penetrating through, which uses less energy.

Potential dangerous radiation involved are "ionized radiation", which uses more energy. Our products are not capable of shielding against ionized radiation!

 Silver Elastic in depth review

The Silver Elastic stretches very well and while you can definitely see the texture of fabric up close, the feeling and touch of the fabric is very safe to wear. 

Watching the video below, will demonstrate how effective Momz Halo products are against RF radiation devices.